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ic! Berlin

In 1996, Ralph Anderl joined Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling in Berlin for marketing their idea of screwless sheet of eyewear made up of metal. They were unable to sell them and established HGA Gesellschaft to manufacture and promote eyewear under the brand name Ic! Brille which means I see Glasses. Due to lack of education in Business or relevant experience, everything they did was not refined completely. They made 50 pieces of their first frame named Jack which weighted 20 grams. Anderl was already aware of the marketing strategies and the celebrity power. He looked forward for the support of 2 renowned German actors, Corinna Harfouch and Peter Lohmeyer for promoting the glasses by wearing it in photo shoots and appearances in public. In the year 1997, Ic! brille became Ic! Berlin and quickly expanded the business. The three of them took the brand to new heights but in 2003, Haffmans and Gottschling left Ic! Berlin to start with Mykita and Ralph Anderl remained as the only Managing Director. Anderl worked hard and expanded the brand into various sectors like fashion and apparel. He believes that people will buy his frames only for one reason that is Comfort. The vision of this brand is “Live” which means to live life and recognize new things with open eyes. The eyeglasses from Ic! Berlin is light-weighted, unique and strong. This brand stands apart from other eyewear brands due to its sensibility of being futuristic. The eyeglasses are made with an original hinge design which does not use any screw or glue which has earned so many awards for its innovative designs.
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