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RayBan RB 3025 Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses is available in 32 colors and three eye sizes 55,58 and 62. RayBan RB 3025 is a Metal Made Aviator shape Full Rim frame for Men. 

 32 colors

  • Gold-00115
  • Gold-00157
  • Gold-00158
  • Black-00258
  • Silver-00359
  • Gunmetal-00458
  • Gunmetal-00478
  • Silver-019W3
  • Matte Gunmetal-029P2
  • Matte Gold-1124D
  • Matte Gold-1124L
  • Matte Gold-112P9
  • Gold-001
  • Gold-0013E
  • Gold-0013F
  • Gold-0013K
  • Gold-00151
  • Silver-00332
  • Silver-0033F
  • Gunmetal-00451
  • Matte Gunmetal-02930
  • Matte Gold-11217
  • Matte Gold-11219
  • Matte Gold-11269
  • Matte Gold-11285
  • Matte Gold-11293
  • Gold-L0205, Black-L2823
  • Gunmetal-W0879
  • Gold-W3234
  • Silver-W3275 
  • Silver-W3277


Our Sunglasses comes with original carrying case and cleaning cloth. We provide free shipping with exceptionally good customer service within United States.

We have an extensive stock of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women to meet all your family’s needs.


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RayBan RB 3025 Sunglasses

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