Claire Goldsmith

The legendary Oliver Goldsmith’s great granddaughter Claire Goldsmith has become an influential designer and offers modern frames. The Goldsmiths has a remarkable history of being visionary and included sunglasses as the fashion accessories. It also pioneered in making sunspaces, winter sunglasses, and celebrity endorsement, worked with fashion houses and appearing in magazines like Queens and Vogue. It started the notion of modern eyewear. Every present thing became the inspiration from butterflies to bamboo, TV screens to tennis racquets, Claire Goldsmith’s frames can boldly speak for themselves. Claire Goldsmith was inspired from her family’s legacy and in 2009 launched the new designs and added a new feather to the Goldsmith family and labeled it CG - Claire Goldsmith Eyewear. These frames are handmade with the best craftsmanship. Claire believes that the main aspect of any eyeglass is its design followed by the material and its components and hence it is important to use the skilled designers and the finest quality of material including acetate and lenses. It is rightly said that if you are looking for an amazing pair of eyeglasses with the finest quality and timeless designs, then these CG eyeglasses are best for you. The frame approach is rooted in the past but is focused in the future without any logos, the eyeglasses speaks for themselves. It combines the futuristic objectives along with the techniques of manufacturing with the influence of contemporary fashion.