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Face A Face

In the year 1995, Face à Face was established by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth as a designer Eyewear company in France. The foundation of this firm was creativity and modernity without compromising on any aspect. Pascal Jaulent always wanted to become an urban planner to focus on ethnology and social issues. He always wanted to use his potential of architectural thoughts and culture into a meaningful manner. He studied at the Paris Management School which led him a job in the financial department in big companies. He also worked with Lafont as a General Manager where he was amazed to find the state of the art designs that connected to people while still being fashion trendy and creative. And there he got the idea of putting all his creativity into the eyewear collection that is so very much renowned for its unique and trendy styles. According to Nadine Roth Face à Face eyeglasses reveals a modern sense that is present in every individual. The main aim of Face à Face is to make uniquely crafted eyeglasses that is grabs everyone’s attention to such an extent that even the person who is wearing it will look in the mirror to check the style and gleaming beauty of the eyeglass he/she is wearing. This firm has taken a dominant stand in the eyewear industry by focusing on today’s trend while keeping in mind the new styles that will reach the heights of popularity. Every frame from this brand is so expressive in its own way that it creates efficient style statements. In the year 2014, Face à Face became part of the Design eyewear group where Pascal Jaulent became the Chief Creative Officer for all brands in that group. Eyeglasses from Face à Face are tremendous and crafted in high quality material that reflects rich colors and boldly compliment your personality.
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