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    Graham Cutler and Tony Gross studied optometry together in the Northampton College and started Cutler and Gross in the year 1969. They opened their first optical store in Knightsbridge, London in the year 1971. They offered eyeglasses that richly reflects the British style and craftsmanship that is very creative and has admirable quality. This brand is famous for its original style that is trendy and iconic. It was a challenging task for them to take a strong stand in the eyewear business as eyeglasses were regarded as a medical necessity for people with lower vision. They took this challenge and were the first to introduce eyeglasses as a fashion accessory with designs that were surprisingly unique and amazing. Later they shifted their production house to Cadore, Italy in 1983, where the Cutler and Gross factory is located. The founders of this brand were inspired for everything around them from literature to arts to music. The eyeglasses they made taking so many ideas and inspirations were beautifully hand crafted. The shape of frame is sketched into plastic and then manually cut to make the basic frame and temples with a jigsaw. It is then plummeted into the wooden container and then it is polished for a shiny finish. The Cutler and Gross brand is always symbolized for its creativity, integrity and top of all originality it offers to its products. The hinges of the eyeglasses are not heat-sunk; they are pinned for a classic look. Eyeglasses from this brand are suitable for individuals who love to flaunt the handcrafted pair for a perfect feel with a fair amount of twist and eccentricity.