Mykita Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

MYKITA was etablished in the year 2003 by Philipp Haffmans, Harald Gottschling, Moritz Krueger and Harald Gottschling. Each of the Mykita products is assembled by hand in their Berlin factory. The name Mykita is derived from “Kita” which is an abbreviation for Kindertagesstätte which means Day Care Center. This brand is continuously striving for innovation for the best use of material and input all the experience it. This firm follows an integrated philosophy which brings the experts from various fields under one roof i.e. the Mykita Haus. It believes that an independent network is best and enables integrated research and technology transfer. Every pair of Mykita Sunglasses is a stylish blend of unique design and best craftsmanship and has been rightly acclaimed as the most experimental designer brand. The Mykita store is beautifully designed with a unique architecture based on the progressive masterpiece with different elements and materials in contrast. Everything from furniture to lighting concept combines together and reflects an audacious structure with originality of the location. For creating the limited editions, Mykita had various collaborations including Bernhard Wilhelm, Damir Doma and Maison Martin Margiela etc. Mykita Mylon Sunglasses diminishes the gap between sports and fashion with its modern designs combined with a light weighted and extremely durable material which gives it a sporty as well as a trendy fashionista look. Mykita was awarded the iF Material Award for the manufacturing process of Mylon and this collection was acknowledged by the Red Dot Design Award in the field of product design.