Top 5 Barton Perreira Sunglasses You Must Have

Lovitt Sunglasses

It’s no secret that co-founder Bill and Patty design some of the hottest sunglasses on the market and these Lovitt sunglasses are no different. The combination of beauty and art make these sunglasses some of the most sought-after shades of the holiday season. Coming in an assortment of color tones, you'll easily find the perfect pair for you.


Rainey Sunglasses

These Barton Perreira Rainey sunglasses fit the fashion mold for both men and women. These stylish, aviator shaped frames are the perfect way to put the finishing touches on your outfit.Made for style and practicality, these sunglasses are a must-have all season long.


Justice Sunglasses

Barton Perreira Justice Sunglasses don't just keep the sun out of your eyes but deliver an intriguing look while doing it. Styled for both men and women, these oval-shaped frames come complete with black trim around the spectacles turning your “day at the office” into fashion week in Milan.


Themis Sunglasses

Everyone can appreciate a smooth sleek look to their appearance and Themis Sunglasses do exactly that. If you’re someone who loves adding basic shapes to their attire then these sunglasses are a must have for your closet. Complete with a hexagonal shape around the frames, these sunglasses are a necessity.


Demoiselle Sunglasses

These Demoiselle are for the sassiest of people who are not afraid to accentuate their fashion to the world. Comes in 2 styles: One for the simple, yet elegant and one for the fierce and bold. Can be worn for a regular day at the beach or to turn heads while doing some shopping. Either way, these are an essential item for any fashionista.