Top 5 Face a Face Sunglasses On Everyone's Wish List

Bocca Tatoo 3

Face a Face is internationally known for making some of the most stylish and unique eye frames on the market. The Tatoo 3 is no different. The feminine design is meant to capture and highlight your unique facial features without overcompensating. These Cat Eye shape glasses are made from plastic and are ready to ship for free around the USA.


Alium S 2

These Aluim S-2 frames are made from metal very durable compared to your usual plastic frames. Made for both men and women, these full-rim frames come in 2-tone colors. With that said, it will be very easy to find your favorite pair.


Alium S 3

Just like Alium S-2, these Face a Face Alium S-3’s are made with a durable metal to help protect against broken frames. The biggest difference between the 2 comes down to personal preference as these frames are squared shaped unlike the S-2, which is round. Still, both are excellent style choices.


Viggo 1

If these Viggo 1’s arent on your wishlist, they will be now. The beautiful rectangle shaped frames are easy style choices for the hip and trendy. Popular among mostly young adults, these eyeglasses are a must-have for the casual and fashionistas alike. Coming in an assortment of colors, your next pair will be easy to find.


Kates 2

Kates 2 eyeglasses are big winners for those who love to stand out or express themselves confidently. These eyeglasses come in a wide range of colors that are very appealing to the eyes. They also come in a two-tone mixture of colors that will definitely turn heads as you pass by. All of our eyewear gets free shipping in the US.