Top 5 Oliver Peoples Sunglasses You’ll Fall In Love With

0OV5004C Riley-R Flip-Up Clip Eyeglasses

What a blast from the past! These styles become one the trendiest pair of sunglasses all year.Not sure if its nostalgia or the most timeless style of a generation. Either way, these vintage sunglasses are a hot topic this year. Bonus points go to its overall practicality between clear and uv protected lenses.


0OV5331U Hendon La Eyeglasses

A smoother look for your everyday professionals or people who like to keep their look simple yet contemporary. These square shaped glasses are said to be made for men but you can imagine all genders enjoying this stylish yet subtle look. Grab these full-rim frames for a limited time in the Grey & Cream Brushed Matte style.


0OV5332U Ryce Eyeglasses

Ryce Eyeglasses are practical and can suit almost any situation. Being easily adaptable eyewear, it has become a very popular item here at James Leonard. Comes in 3 different styles: Black, Shroom which is almost transparent, and semi-matte cocobolo. With these styles available, it should be easy to find your fit.


0OV1185 Calidor Eyeglasses

Round shaped frames have come back from the fashion graveyard to serve unique, intellectual looks that will have people wondering who you are. These thin frames are made of metal which will protect from accidental drops. Coming in 2 special antique colors, these frames are made for the fashionably simple.


0OV5318U Delray Eyeglasses

Last but surely not least, these classic oval shaped frames continue to attract the fashion casual crowd. Made with plastic, these full-rim frames are made for both men and women. This speaks highly to their adaptability for any attire or engagement. They are a necessity for anyone looking for a pair to wear all day.